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Oct 1, 2012 3:00pm PDT
what the obama campaipresidency looks li romney's presidentially will look like. i agree with you, we're getting down to the 11th hour and there's one final debate and i really hope that romney takes this time to lay it out word for word in a simple and accessible way because this is just too complicated for people. >> when you think of the fact that the economy is not -- has not recovered at the rate we'd like, as quickly as we'd like, and that was going to be romney's issue and according to the polls, he and the president is tied here, what can he do, megan, as a republican? if he was watching, what could he do on wednesday night that could give him the edge back on the economy? that was going to be his issue. >> there's a lot of ammo out there right now. if i were governor romney i would start talking about libya, the terrorist attack that jay carney will say but the president will not say has happened. the deficit is over 16%. that's the types of things i would start doing and on their brass tax facts that they can be using and we're making it vague and all of the things that we h
Oct 3, 2012 3:00pm PDT
looking for? ronald reagan, can he stand on the stage with president carter? will he seem presidential? we sometimes forget that president obama is the president. he'll be sharing that space. in many ways, that's the biggest and first calculation that people make. they will say, could he, governor romney, that is, have that role or not. >> and does he belong on that stage in the first place and then does he look presidential? and you're right, because ronald reagan was an actor in many people's minds, even though he was governor of california. and then they were stunned when he walked on that stage and said, i agree with most of reagan's policies but he seemed presidential. >> right. and he didn't stumble and then he was calm. he felt -- he felt like he deserved to be there. i think one of the things that governor romney has to do is not only share that he deserves to be there but that he has some substan, more than people realize. >> substantial and national review reports that romney's team thinks it's critical that romney endure himself to the american people in this debate. they say, q
Oct 4, 2012 3:00pm PDT
's a senate race in ohio or whether the presidential race nationally. >> senator, you to look in the camera and answer me directly. will barack obama and sherrod brown will ohio? >> yeah, i think we both will. so goes ohio, so goes the nation. and president obama is doing well here because he makes a distinction. are you for the middle class or are you for helping the 47% and hoping it trickles down. and the voters don't think that way. the voters ultimately dwont look at conservative/liberal, they look at who is on your side and it's pretty clear in the race for the senate and ohio, that's why so many people are coming up to sherrod and signing up to help us and it's pretty clear with the presidential race. p. >> no republican ever won without winning ohio. senator share read brown, thanks for your time tonight. >> my pleasure. thanks reverend al. >>> still ahead, save big bird. he's now working for food. he's on the unemployment line. so what is with governor romney's obsession with firing big bird? >>> plus, folks, we are putting up the facts that mitt romney misrepresented abo
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)